This was my first journey into Reiki and I could not have hoped for anyone better than Sara. She’s incredibly welcoming, supportive and skilled at what she does. I left there a bit lighter in my steps because of her genuine insights and healing energy. Many blessings, R.J.

– R.J.S.


Sara has been an amazing guide and partner throughout my chakra program. She is extremely intuitive and without fail knows exactly the tools to teach me to get ‘unstuck’. With an extraordinary understanding of sacred feminine schools of thought, a journey with her is a constant adventure in self-discovery. Being an advocate of self-acceptance and self-love, she has been a true companion in the healing of my wounds, which have encumbered me since childhood. A journey with Sara never ends (and you’ll never want it to)!

– Anne H.


Sara is a wise, gentle and talented practitioner. I am grateful to have met her on my healing journey and to learn from her, and experience her work as an instrument of healing. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking support on their path and healing journey. Blessings and love.

– Renee M.


A week later, and I’m still shaken by my experience. This was what I’ve been looking for, needing all along, such a blessing!

– Sarah S.


I came across Sara on her blog. Her pieces on Sufi Yoga caught my attention, and we began having conversations on her blog which eventually led me to ask her the impossible: would she be willing to teach me all the way in Kenya, online? 

Sara obliged, and I have looked forward to each and every one of our weekly lessons. She is wise, an old soul and hence very nurturing. Not only does she get me out of my comfort zone physically, but Sara and I have shared some inwardly enligtening moments, which she did a wonderul job guiding me through with. 

I love her patience. She believes in you ( the student) more than you would yourself, and she makes that known. 

I am grateful for the experience of learning with her, and I really wish I could be there to experience her teaching first hand. 

Wishing her all the best in her business venture. You can never go wrong with her.

– Alia D.


Sara is the best yoga instructor I have worked with so far. I did the private yoga sessions, and they were life-changing. I now feel more balanced, calm and energetic. Every session, Sara listens carefully to my feelings and then comes up with yoga sequences to address them. She definitely knows what she is doing, and takes the time to explain things through the session. I also tried in-person and distance Rieki sessions with her. I must say this girl is talented. I 100% recommend Sara for yoga and Reiki.

– Rana L.


Just had my first ever Reiki session with Sara. It was a wonderful experience. Beautiful studio, wonderful practitioner. Looking forward to coming back next week!! If you are looking for a wonderful, relaxing, insightful experience, sign up for Reiki or Yoga with Sara.

– Jennifer H.



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