About Me


I found yoga over 12 years ago. I was an overachieving, anxiety-ridden high schooler who could not sit still for ten minutes straight. Yoga forced me to find stillness by cultivating gentle attention one breath at a time. Back then I thought I was going to become a brain surgeon, but somewhere along the way I fell in love with mysticism and switched majors to study Sufism midway through my undergraduate degree. Despite some resistance from family, I decided to go to grad school and spend my life reading the words and teachings of the Sufi mystics, and try my best to apply their surrender, patience and indiscriminate love to my own life. I was unaware back then that this was the way of the yogis as well.

I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression and PMDD (Prementrual Dysphoric Disorder) as long as I can remember. Amidst a particularly bad bout of depression in 2013, I found myself at Kula Yoga Studio, laying all my troubles down on my mat and working through them one sun salutation at a time. I fell in love with Yoga all over again after years of barely practicing. I undertook my Yoga Teacher Training two and a half years later, excited to get back to my true calling, teaching others to heal from the inside out. At that point I had studied Sufism for four years, and the two seemed to dance together in such beautiful harmony. I dedicated myself to interweaving my Sufi inclinations with my Yoga practices and found great meaning in the interplay of both paths.

While training as a Yoga Instructor, I connected with more and more living Sufi teachers, chakra workers and energy healers. Inside me, a nascent ability to read blockages in others was awakened bit by bit. After completing my 200-hour certificate in Yoga, I studied the Art of Reiki Healing to better understand the energies I was beginning to perceive in others. The world started to make a bit more sense to me.

I haven’t stopped studying since. I have been so fortunate to find mentors and teachers who have guided me to deepen my understanding of myself, to cultivate my own capacity to heal my own heart and to teach what I know to those who cross my path and are willing to learn. I opened my doors to heart seekers in September 2016 and have been blessed with many beautiful souls who, in seeking their healing, somehow ended up contributing to my own.


I am deeply devoted to empowering others through acknowledging their wounds and providing them with the right tools to self-soothe and grow in a safe and loving environment. This is why I approach yoga with an eye to holistic inner healing. I couple my yoga teaching with Reiki healing, Sufi soul alchemy and elements of psychotherapy to address wounds that weave through the body, mind and spirit of each individual. My work helps holistically integrate the body, mind and soul in healthful harmony. In my view, each person is born with the medicine within to heal and an intuitive understanding of how to live in harmony with the world. By healing your own heart, you naturally begin to shine your healing light on others without effort or depletion. It is in this way that I hope to contribute to the soothing of hearts and the flourishing of love in this world. 

I am infinitely inspired by the work and wisdom of my teachers: Cynthia Cooperstone, Colin Matthews, Dr. Rosina-Fawzia al-Rawi, Baba Murat Coskun, Ashley Turner, Caroline Myss, Sara Avant Stover, and most importantly my beloved guide and spiritual companion, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi.

Are you ready to walk your healing journey?

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