One-on-One Offerings


I would be honoured to assist in the unfolding of your unique journey to self-understanding and inner contentment. You can begin your healing journey with any of the following services, or schedule a free consultation with me and we’ll design a hybrid program uniquely suited to you. If you’re financially strained and in need of any of these services, please get in touch with me to discuss financial options.

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Private Yoga Classes – tailored to the healing of your body and your heart. Includes diagnostic body analysis and sequences uniquely designed for your body-mind’s best health. – 100$/one hour session, 120$/hour house call



Reiki Healing
 – soothes and dissolves energy blockages that impact health and wellbeing on the physical, emotional and psychological level. Reiki Healing is like a massage for the energetic body, smoothing out kinks that have been causing you  disease, emotional pain and lack of mental clarity. –
$50/30 min session or $90/one hour session




Chakra Assessment and Blockage Clearing –Detailed analysis, exploration and elimination of chakra issues. Includes resources and rituals you can take home to continue working on your chakra blockages as well as an emailed report. – $110/one hour session



Soul Alchemy Personal Empowerment Program –An 8-week private coaching program that transforms your wounds into a source of natural power and helps you step into a whole new way of being. This is a step-by-step inclusive and holistic journey to empowered living. Includes Yoga, Reiki, meditation, personal development and chakra work. – $1212.00 for 8x 2-hour sessions ($151.50 per 2-hour session)



Transformative Healing Sessions – 1-2 hour sessions that address specific issues in your life that need insight. After an initial holistic assessment, we analyze issues in your life together, delve deep into the inner wounds that are fuelling your problems and design a program of healing that transforms your pains and traumas into medicine for your soul. – $80/hour


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.58.51 PM