Learn Energy Healing


Being a Reiki Energy Healer is an act of great service. People come to you to heal troubles on every level of being. You see their issues, wounds, hidden scars. So you call upon magical warm and loving light to aid in healing them. They feel unburdened and “seen”. They leave with hearts wide open, ready to begin anew and cultivate more healthful living. 

Reiki has been a true gift in my life. It’s helped me come to terms with my own wounds. It’s helped me stop being complacent and cultivate insight to dissolve my own suffering. And it gave me the honor and pleasure of being in service of other people’s healing. 

Have you ever considered becoming an Energy Healer?


As a Reiki practitioner, you work to restore balance by channeling healing light energy through therapeutic touch. You assist yourself and others in releasing blockages and help others walk their path in this life with purpose. You become a light worker.

If you’ve ever been the type of person who loves to help others, who knows there is more to this life than constant stress and frustration, and who understands that you must begin with yourself to help heal the world, I would be honored to train you in Reiki Healing Practices. Reiki is taught in three levels: Beginner, Advanced and Master.

If you’d like to learn Reiki with me, please contact me to arrange a free consultation call to discuss your journey and course arrangements.

Not in Toronto? Email me to discuss long-distance Reiki training. Reiki is a valuable healing skill and deeply meaningful life work. I’ve been fortunate to teach Reiki to students near and far. Contact me for more information about distance Reiki training.

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