Yoga Teacher Training Graduation

It’s been 6 months, 200+ hours, and several lifetimes of transformation.

 And I have a Yoga Teaching Certificate to prove it!

My cat is super-impressed with my achievements.

I still feel very emotional from yesterday’s graduation party. Our amazing YTT teacher, Cynthia, gave us all personalized cards with an image of a goddess she picked out for us on the inside, a letter with her hopes for each of us, and a collection of words that our classmates used to describe us. I am so touched by the heartfelt words both my teachers and dear classmates expressed in my card. I have teared up several times just looking at the card. What a precious gift, to have a teacher who takes the time to honour each of her students individually and to have a room full of amazing women who think such wonderful things about you.

My Graduation Card

I took to Facebook to express my gratitude to this special bunch:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.06.50 PM

And like the generous spirits that they are, my yoga classmates peppered my Facebook post with beautiful messages of support and love. I am so honoured to have shared space, thoughts and practice with such an awe-inspiring group.

I’ve learned so many meaningful lessons from these ladies. I learned that the world needs every woman’s unique voice and gift. I learned that having a student trust you with their yoga practice is a blessing. I learned how to honour that trust with every word and action. I learned to open my heart to energies beyond me, to allow love and healing to come through me, and to always be in the service of others. I learned what strength, true beauty, confidence, wisdom and unwavering presence truly looks like in a woman. I learned to be vulnerable and show up as my most authentic self. I learned to be a student to all. And finally, I learned that, if a group of fifteen women in one room can be this brilliant, there is still hope for this world. They are going to make the most loving, inspiring teachers and will be such a force of goodness in our world.

So, to the loveliest group of yoginis, the light within me bows to the light within you. May your beautiful souls continue to bring warmth and light to the lives of those around you ❤



Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.37.02 PM


30 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training Graduation

  1. I hope this tells you how Happy I am. Oh Allah gives you more and more success. Inshallah You become the bestest Yoga Teacher in the universe. we may all learn from you and grow in tranquility. Blessed be. Sending you warm hug and lots of love. Maha

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    1. What a beautiful message 😀 Thank you so much for your kindness and support my dear sister ❤ May God bless you with happiness and contentment always

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  2. Congratulations my dear. You deserve the honor. I can already see the great things that you will bring to the world with your practice. May the light always guide you along your way. Well done!!! Mabruk!

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