What is the Fourth Chakra?

The chakras (“wheels” in Sanskrit) are subtle energy centres in our bodies that represent the meeting place of several intersecting energy meridians (or nadis) in Hindu thought. Though there are numerous chakra systems developed by different groups and thinkers, the most well-known to us here in the West is the 7-chakra system:

12498540-Chakras-Stock-Vector-chakra-yoga-reikiChakra 7 – Crown of the Head

Chakra 6 – Third Eye

Chakra 5 – Throat

Chakra 4 – Heart

Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus

Chakra 2 – Navel

Chakra 1 – Base of the Spine

The chakras can represent a roadmap for your spiritual journey, from the basest, earthly centre of your being to an illuminated expansive Self. In many forms of Hindu and yogic thought, spiritual illumination happens at the crown of the head, in the seventh (highest) chakra.

In Sufi Yogic thought, spiritual illumination occurs at the heart centre, where the veils of the material world and the lower self fall away and the heart-mind (sirr or “secret” in Arabic, citta in Sanskrit) gains a piercing vision of reality and the world as it truly is.

The Heart Chakra thus represents the peak of human selfhood in Sufi Yogic thought–which is why I call my practice Fourth Chakra Yoga. It is the yoga of the fourth chakra, the path of the heart.

May you be filled with peace,

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2 thoughts on “What is the Fourth Chakra?

  1. I started meditating on chakras during my YTT and I just love it, even though I’m no expert. I do believe it is the way to go, in one’s search for meaning and understanding of self & the world.

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    1. I love the chakras for the same reason 🙂 It’s such a meaningful way for me to frame everything from my illness to my greater purpose.


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